About company

The international group of companies «Technocom» is one of the leading, dynamically developing manufacturers of color concentrates and modifying additives for plastics in Eastern and Central Europe with more than 25 years of practical experience. All companies in the group use the same quality standards, know-how, product range and financial resources.

Decentralized management and flexible decision making ensure quick response to customer needs.


Group members are:

  • Technocom LLC, Ukraine - production and export to the countries of Eastern Europe, CIS and Asia;

  • Technoplast LLC, Ukraine - trading house, sales in Ukraine;

  • Technocom Compounds d.o.o., Slovenia - trading house selling Technocom products in Balkans, South and Western Europe.


We offer:

• color, white and black masterbatches, modifying additives for the production of plastic products in the segments of packaging, agriculture, construction and others;

• single pigments concentrates (SPC) for masterbatches producers;

• mineral fi lled compounds (calcium carbonate, talc and others), based on PE, PP, PS and others;

• Variety of tailor-made masterbatches and additives for most demanding clients.


Today more than 500 companies in the countries of EU, Eastern Europe and Asia: Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine are our clients.



Technocom group for product development and quality control uses its own laboratory with modern equipment and qualified staff.


The basic tasks that we solve:

• 24/7 control of raw materials and fi nished products in compliance with the technical specifi cations, ISO and ASTM standards;

• design and engineering of new products and production of product prototypes on laboratory equipment.


Our products are in compliance with the requirements of EU Regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to contact with food.



Technocom group factory is located in industrial area of Irpin town, Kyiv area. Production technology is based on twin screw extrusion. Longtime practical experience allows us to develop know-how in the design of equipment, technology and recipes, some of which are protected by patents. In production, 15 extrusion lines are used, which allows us to fulfill orders from several kilograms to tens of tons.


Quality, flexibility and fast service are our competitive advantages.