In April 2021 Technocom LLC (Ukraine) and Poly-IQ GmbH (Germany) signed 10 years Distribution and Manufacturing agreements to produce, market and sale on markets of Western, Central and Eastern Europe the whole range of color masterbatches, additives and plastics compounds.


The Poly-IQ team will share with Technocom LLC their long-standing expertise and know-how in development of ESD, HFFR compounds and other types of engineering (technical) thermoplastics and compounds.


The Technocom team will deploy their practical expertise and know-how in extrusion and compounding technology for multicomponent polymer compositions.


Mr. Juergen Muschwitz, CEO of Poly-IQ GmbH, speaks:

“We’ve been collaborating with Technocom already for two years and have plans to broad it within signed agreements. We are keen to implement our products for various applications such as packaging, automotive and agricultural industry, other sectors. We invite all experts to visit our joint booth at FAKUMA 2021 international exhibition in October”.


Mr. Sergiy Petrenko, CEO of Technocom LLC, PhD (physics of polymers) speaks:

“In last 2 years we shipped about 2 thousand tons of our products (masterbatches and additives) to Poly-IQ for Western European clients. We are very satisfied with this result and want to ramp up significantly in next years”.  


With taking into consideration “A European Plastics Strategy”  that addresses promotion of re- use of plastics towards circular economy and setting ambitious relevant targets in period up to 2025 and further, both companies agreed to pay special attention to these opportunities. 


As minimum as 1500 tons annually are planned to be produced and sold under brands “Technocom” and “Poly-IQ” accordingly to signed agreements.