Technocom has started industrial production of highly-filled single pigment concentrates SPC based on organic and inorganic pigments. The pigment content is 35-70%. In the production of SPC, modern technology is applied using the latest developments of the best European equipment manufacturers.

Monoconcentrates can be used directly by manufacturers of tubular and flat films made of polyethylene and polypropylene, other products, as well as by manufacturers of concentrates for polymers and compounds of wide application.

On the basis of the assortment of mono-concentrates, the technology of color matching by samples for particularly demanding customers has been introduced. Color selection and subsequent production of the concentrate is carried out using the latest versions of equipment and software from leading European manufacturers. The computer program also allows you to correct the color of the product when using recycled polymer raw materials. The total investment in the project exceeded 600 thousand euros.

In 2020, Technocom began supplying mono-pigment concentrates to the leading EU countries and to Ukrainian enterprises.


Contact us for consultation and ordering:

Alexander Fedorenko, leading specialist of the direction

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Petrenko Konstantin, commercial director of Technocom group of companies

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