Services testing laboratory
Name of serviceStandard
1 Determination of melt flow index (MFI) of polyolefins, engineering plastics, composite materials GOST 11645
ASTM D1238
ISO 1133
2 Evaluation of thermal stability on the PTR Internal technique
3 Determining material moisture GOST 11736-68
4 Determination of ash GOST 15973-82
5 A summary of the color thermal stability Internal technique
6 Determination of bulk density of granular materials GOST 11035.1-93
7 Determination of foreign inclusions in the plastic films Internal technique
8 Measurement of tensile properties GOST 14236-81
9 Colorimetry (measuring and comparing color spectrophotometer) ISO 7724-2-1984
ISO 7724-3-1984
10 Accelerated aging UV radiation (UV-test) ASTM G 154
ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507
11 Filter test (dispersion quality) EN1 3900-5-2005
12 Filter test of recycled materials Internal technique
13 Production samples of the tubular film Internal technique
14 Production of standard injection molding samples (injection molding) ISO 3167
15 Measurement of static and dynamic coefficients of friction ISO 8295
ASTM D1894
16 Experienced granulation or compounding Internal technique
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